Luristan Bronze Short Sword

[Persia: circa 8th or 7th Century B.C.].

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Unbound. A classic Luristan bronze short sword with a crescent design from the early first millennium B.C. Measures approximately 15¾" x 2". The blade and handle cast as one piece, with a medial ridge running up the entire blade, and the handle flanged for inlays. Recovered from the Adriatic Sea by James Jones, author of *From Here to Eternity*. In the early 1960s Jones became interested in sea diving and related activities, which he used as the backdrop of his 1967 novel *Go to the Widow-Maker* (a work which, when praised at all, was praised for its underwater scenes). The sword was made by the Indo-Iranian Lurs in southwestern Iran, famous for their bronze artifacts. A particularly fine piece, well-preserved with a smooth green patina, perfectly balanced and formed to the palm of one's hand.

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Item #364630 Luristan Bronze Short Sword. James JONES.
Luristan Bronze Short Sword

James Jones
birth name: James Jones
born: 11/6/1921
died: 5/9/1977
nationality: USA

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American novelist best known for From Here to Eternity (1951), set in Hawaii just before the Pearl Harbor attack. - Merriam-Webster's Encyclopedia of Literaturemore