United Artist Corporation Checks to D.W. Griffith

New York: The Bank of America, 1929 & 1933.

Price: $225.00

Two checks made out to D.W. Gritth and D.W. Griffth Inc. Each has punch hole cancels and accompanying banks stamps. The 1929 check is fine but the 1933 check has been partial cut away (possibly to harvest the Griffith signature), very good. Griffth, the director of such landmark films as Birth of a Nation, Broken Blossoms and Intolerance, formed United Artists in 1919 along with Charlie Chaplin, Mark Pickford, and Douglas Fairbanks to retain greater control over their work. Griffith's career unfortunately soon began to falter and his relationship with U.A. ended by the mid-1920s forcing him back into the directors chair. The earlier check is paying out dividends to Griffith Inc., while the later check is for the repurchase of 1000 share of U.A. own stock from Griffith himself. Two interesting pieces ephemera from the silent era of American film.

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United Artist Corporation Checks to D.W. Griffith. D. W. GRIFFITH.