The Above Ground Review – Vol. 1, No. 3, Winter 1963

Durham, North Carolina: George Roland Wood, 1969.

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Softcover. Magazine. Octavo. 79pp. Stapled red wrappers with yapped foredge. Very good plus with a touch of sunning on the front wrap wear along the spine and the foredge. A poetry anthology with contributions from Herman Hesse, Ann Menebroker, Herman Salinger, Karl Krolow, David F. Ensley, Peter Wild, Duane Ackerson, Bob Conder, Robert L. Tyler, John McNally, Paul Baker Newman, Clyde Fixmer, Mary Vann Finley, John Stevens Wade, Coleman Barks, Mary Ann Meade, Mark Halliday, James Applewhite, Kip Ward, Juanita Tobin, Carol Parsons, Walter W. Stevens, Burke Davis III, Emilie Glen, Robert Joe Stout, Harry C. Stokes, Earl Wolslagel, Helen Anne Fuller, Anna Wooten, Steve Davies, Fred Chappell, Betty R. Ford, Joyce Odam, Victor Stranberg, James "Gator" Wise, John Bower, Kurt Hube, George R. Wood.

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The Above Ground Review – Vol. 1, No. 3, Winter 1963. Herman HESSE, George R. Wood, Kurt Hube, John Bower, James "Gator" Wise, Victor Stranberg, Joyce Odam, Betty R. Ford, Fred Chappell, Steve Davies, Anna Wooten, Helen Anne Fuller, Earl Wolslagel, Harry C. Stokes, Robert Joe Stout, Emilie Glen, Burke Davis III, Walter W. Stevens, Carol Parsons, Juanita Tobin, Kip Ward, James Applewhite, Mark Halliday, Mary Ann Meade, Coleman Barks, John Stevens Wade, Mary Vann Finley, Clyde Fixmer, Paul Baker Newman, John McNally, Robert L. Tyler, Bob Conder, Duane Ackerson, Peter Wild, David F. Ensley, Karl Krolow, Herman Salinger, Ann Menebroker.

Hermann Hesse
birth name: Hermann Hesse
born: 7/2/1877
died: 8/9/1962
nationality: Switzerland

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German novelist, poet, and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1946, who principally deals with the individual's break with society to find spiritual fulfillment. With his appeal for self-realization and his celebration of Eastern mysticism, Hesse poshumously became a cult figure. - Merriam-Webster's Encyclopedia of Literaturemore