Frederick Faust Fanzine Collection

1948 - 1973.

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Softcover. A collection of 17 fanzines focused on Frederick Faust, a.k.a. Max Brand, including a complete four-issue run and partial three issue run of *The Fabulous Faust*, and the complete 10-issue run of *The Faust Collector*, along with other related ephemera. The first issue of *The Fabulous Faust* is a second edition which was limited to 50 copies, all others are first editions. Quartos except the first issue of *The Faust Collector* which is octavo. Stapled wrappers with *Fabulous Faust* partial set also bradbound, three issues in one. Overall very good or better with some minor wear at the corners and a few pulled staples; two issues of *The Fabulous Faust* have detached final sheets and one is also missing the second to last sheet. Rounding out the collection is a group of related ephemera including lists of Faust’s print appearances; several catalogs from Richardson, along with correspondence sent to a collector; copies of a letter from Faust and another from his literary agent, Brandt & Brandt; photocopies of Faust’s first published story, “The King is Dead,” from his high school annual; and a double-sided, publisher’s promotional sheet for *Max Brand: The Man and His Work*. A wonderful collection of amateur magazines showing the efforts made to organize, study, and catalog the varied writings of Faust following his death as a correspondent in World War II. *OCLC* locates one run of *The Fabulous Faust*, along with two other single issues; and no copies of *The Faust Collector*. Further details available upon request.

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Frederick Faust Fanzine Collection. Frederick FAUST, Max Brand.