The Rand School Offers (Winter Term, 1939)

New York: Rand School, 1939.

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Unbound. Small broadside. 34 x 10 cm. The Rand School of Social Science was one of the most important schools for workers and socialists in the United States. Established in 1906, it offered a variety of courses on contemporary topics, traditional subjects and socialist theory taught by intellectual leaders of the socialist movement, distinguished academicians and trade union leaders. The growth of the School along with the increased strength of the socialist movement provoked the New York State Assembly to appoint a special Committee to investigate radical activities in the state. Under the chairmanship of Senator Clayton R. Lusk, this committee engaged in a campaign of harassment against the Rand School and its administrative board, the American Socialist Society, and attempted to close the school by court ordered injunction. The School was able to successfully counteract the Lusk Committee and expanded its course offerings and special educational programs in the areas of child development, trade union policies, education, music, art, juvenile delinquency, race relations, etc. Some of the notable instructors for the courses advertised on this broadside for the 1939 Winter Term include Theodore Reik (Psychoanalysis), August Claessens (Public Speaking), Richard Plant (The Motion Picture Today), Jacques Barzun, Oswald Garrison Villard, and Géza Róheim (Race Theories and Democracy).

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The Rand School Offers (Winter Term, 1939). Rand School of Social Science.