[Framed Print]: Wine Making at Pola, in Istria

[circa 1861].

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Hand-colored wood engraving (about 6” x 5”). In a wood frame (11” x 9”), matted and glazed. Some toning and rubbing to the frame, very good, not examined out of the frame. This image of wine making at Pola was published on the cover of the *The Penny Magazine* (May 7, 1836). The same design, likely re-engraved, was used to illustrate an article on the “Harvest in Normandy” published in *Ballou’s Dollar Monthly Magazine* in 1861. This hand-colored wood engraving is contemporary with the design published in Ballou’s Magazine, both with the same printed caption, thus our attribution of the date 1861.

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[Framed Print]: Wine Making at Pola, in Istria