The Anonym Quarterly

Buffalo, New York: Anonym Magazine, 1968.

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Softcover. First edition. Octavo. Stapled wrappers. Very light wear to the extremities, still fine. Literary magazine with contributions from Robert Creeley, Allen Ginsberg, John Logan, Arthur Axelrod, Lynne Bernstein, William Bruckner, Jack Clarke, Tom Czuprynski, Warren Feldman, Eric Ferguson, Marti Gersowitz, Barry Grant, Sanford Holland, Lana Kaiser, Dan Kemp, Anita Kinsler, Nancy Lee, Steve Levy, Bill Little, Stuart Ludwig, Lewis McAdams, Daniel Mombrea, Jr.,Terri Stephens, Fiore Tedesco, Rosyln Traina, Les Weichselbaum, and Daniel John Zimmerman.

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The Anonym Quarterly. Robert CREELEY, Les Weichselbaum, Rosyln Traina, Fiore Tedesco, Terri Stephens, Jr., Daniel Mombrea, Lewis McAdams, Stuart Ludwig, Bill Little, Steve Levy, Nancy Lee, Anita Kinsler, Dan Kemp, Lana Kaiser, Sanford Holland, Barry Grant, Marti Gersowitz, Eric Ferguson, Warren Feldman, Tom Czuprynski, Jack Clarke, William Bruckner, Lynne Bernstein, Arthur Axelrod, John Logan, Allen Ginsberg, Daniel John Zimmerman.

Robert Creeley
birth name: Robert White Creeley
born: 5/21/1926
died: 3/30/2005
nationality: USA

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American poet and founder of the Black Mountain Poets, a loose group associated during the 1950s with Black Mountain College in North Carolina. - Merriam-Webster's Encyclopedia of Literaturemore

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