Graffiti III

Washtington, DC: Graffiti Publications, 1966.

Price: $75.00

Softcover. First edition. Quarto. (94)pp. Stapled and tape bound in stiff card wrappers. Price sticker on front wrap and moderate chipping to tape along spine, very good. A hard-to-find literary journal that features an interview with Robert Lowell and poems, essays, and short stories from Diane di Prima, Diane Wakoski, Gerard Malanga, Fred Brewer, Harold Whitehall, Robert Karmon, D. Murray, Chaim Mendelson, John Perreault, Norman Rosten, S. Dorman, Douglas Flaherty, Louis Freund, G.F. Goekjian, David Wade, Brother Dimitrious, Carolyn Stoloff, David Luhn, Cynthia Grant, William E. Taylor, Gail Neidorf, Ronald Tavel, Duane Locke, Worth Kitson, Murray Suid, Allan Newman, Edward Oster, William E. Taylor, Jess Perlman, Henry Malone, Sandra Hochman, Raymond O'Hara, Edward C. Smith, Louis Phillips, Harold Whitehall, and Terry Lung. Scarce. *OCLC* lists only five copies.

Item #329889

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Item #329889 Graffiti III. Diane di PRIMA, Harold Whitehall, Louis Phillips, Edward C. Smith, Raymond O'Hara, Sandra Hochman, Henry Malone, Jess Perlman, William E. Taylor, Edward Oster, Allan Newman, Murray Suid, Worth Kitson, Duane Locke, Ronald Tavel, Gail Neidorf, William E. Taylor, Cynthia Grant, David Luhn, Carolyn Stoloff, Brother Dimitrious, David Wade, G. F. Goekjian, Louis Freund, Douglas Flaherty, S. Dorman, Norman Rosten, John Perreault, Chaim Mendelson, D. Murray, Robert Karmon, Harold Whitehall, Fred Brewer, Gerard Malanga, Diane Wakoski, Terry Lung.