[Manuscript]: Now the Fun Starts


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Unbound. Twenty-one photocopied pages printed rectos only. Heavily copy edited in different colored pencils with several reasonably substantial changes to the text, including the original title ("The Christmas Spirit"), whether by the author himself or by an editor is not entirely clear. A humorous story about a businessman who commutes to Manhattan, drinks his way through the annual office Christmas party, and forgets that he has invited three Arabs from the U.N. to Christmas dinner at his Red Bank, New Jersey home, where they promptly appear while he endures the resultant hangover. Ham is served. Published in the December 28, 1968 issue of *The Saturday Evening Post*. Nathaniel Benchley, the son of Robert Benchley and the father of Peter Benchley, is known for his comic novel, *The Off-Islanders*, also about unexpected visitors and the basis for the movie *The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!* A very funny period piece.

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Item #301670 [Manuscript]: Now the Fun Starts. Nathaniel BENCHLEY.