Two Letters to Arthur A.W. Cowan

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Unbound. Two letter to Arthur Cowan. The First a Typed Letter Initialed ("L") on her New York City stationary dated 26 May 1961, (folded as mailed) mentioning travel plans, and apparently discussing their cooling relationship: "Your note says that I have soured on you. Soured is not the word. I have made clear to your sister on two occasions that I am willing to pay for part of your internment. Come home and we will discuss it." The other is an Autograph Note Signed ("Love, Lillian") undated (but with the envelope dated 27 July 1962) urging Cowan to come to Vinyard Haven, and: "Love & thanks for the hot water heater. Sorry I'm a dopey shyster -there is no excuse." Hellman devoted an entire chapter of over fifty pages in her memoir *Pentimento* to her friendship with Cowan. Cowan was a brilliant and highly eccentric attorney with whom Hellman conducted a long and highly eccentric relationship. The shyster reference probably refers to Cowan giving her a check for $10,000 when she was poor and caring for the failing Dashiell Hammett, calling her a good shyster, and telling her the check was for her legal advice in a case that he had won. Hellman told him to tell the truth, which apparently was unique advice, and confused the opposition.

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Item #278680 Two Letters to Arthur A.W. Cowan. Lillian HELLMAN.

Lillian Hellman
birth name: Lillian Florence Hellman
born: 6/20/1905
died: 6/30/1984

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