Bronze African figure

[Circa 1925].

Price: $3,500.00

Unbound. Bronze figure of a dancing African warrior, armed with shield and spear. Approximately 28" high by about 12" at the widest point, and basically two-dimensional, that is, about 1/2" at its deepest point. Unsigned and without obvious foundry information. The dore bronze is finished on both sides, indicating that it was meant to be viewed from either side, thus it was probably intended as an architectural element in a frieze or as a room divider, and is not currently free standing (and would probably best be mounted on granite or marble). Weight is about 24 lbs. The muscular, stylized Art Deco style warrior is reminiscent of the portrayal of African natives generally associated with the Cotton Club, that is, both caricatured and idealized simultaneously, and is possibly an original architectural feature from that or a similarly themed establishment. The expensive casting process almost certainly indicates that few of these were done. We've never seen another.

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Bronze African figure