A Tribute to Jim Lowell

Cleveland: Ghost Press, (1967).

Price: $250.00

Softcover. First edition. Octavo. Stapled wrappers with screenprinted cover with price sticker, very slightly soiled, near fine. Magazine limited edition to just 500 copies in honor of Jim Lowell. Contributors include Charles Bukowski, Jonathan Williams, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Denise Levertow, Charles Olson, Robert Lowell, Guy Davenport, R. Wolter, Mitchell Goodman, Russell Atkins, Marvin Malone, William Wantling, Jacob Leed, T.L. Kryss, Dwight Macdonald, Paul Carroll, Carol Woideck, D.A. Levy, Douglas Casement, George Dowden, Hubert Selby, Jr., Mike Murphy, Franklin W.W. Osinski, Geoffrey Cook, Kent Taylor, D.R Wagner, Donald Cauble, J.M. Edelstein, James Laughlin, Brown Miller, Philip Kaplan, Gilbert Sorrentino, Felix Pollak, Michael McClure, Dave Cunliffe, Ron Caplan, Carl Weissner, David W. Harris, Walter Lowenfels, John Cornillion, Allen De Loach, Jasper Wood, and Walter R. Keller.

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Item #108714 A Tribute to Jim Lowell. Charles BUKOWSKI, Jasper Wood, Allen De Loach, John Cornillion, Walter Lowenfels, David W. Harris, Carl Weissner, Ron Caplan, Dave Cunliffe, Michael McClure, Felix Pollak, Gilbert Sorrentino, Philip Kaplan, Brown Miller, James Laughlin, J. M. Edelstein, Donald Cauble, D. R. Wagner, Kent Taylor, Geoffrey Cook, Franklin W. W. Osinski, Mike Murphy, Jr., Hubert Selby, George Dowden, Douglas Casement, D. A. Levy, Carol Woideck, Paul Carroll, Dwight Macdonald, T. L. Kryss, Jacob Leed, William Wantling, Marvin Malone, Russell Atkins, Mitchell Goodman, R. Wolter, Guy Davenport, Robert Lowell, Charles Olson, Denise Levertow, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Jonathan Williams, Walter R. Keller.

Charles Bukowski
birth name: Charles Bukowski
born: 8/16/1920
died: 3/9/1994

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American author noted for his use of violent images and graphic language in poetry and fiction that depicted survival in a corrupt, blighted society. - Merriam-Webster's Encyclopedia of Literaturemore