Bohemia. A Magazine of Literature and Art: Official Publication of the International League of Press Clubs for the Building and Endowment of the Journalists' Home

Philadelphia: The International League of Press Clubs, 1904.


Pennsylvania Women's Press Edition De Luxe, limited to 25 copies. Copy number one made for Harriet Hayden Finck, a prominent Philadelphia journalist, named in 1938 as one of the Nation's "most outstanding women."Thick quarto. xiii, 410pp., wood-engraved illustrations, gravure plates, black and white and color halftone plates. This copy extra illustrated with numerous Inscribed or Signed mounted photographs, note cards, and ephemera. Additionally, many of the printed plates and articles have autograph inscriptions to Finck. Bound in full green morocco, gilt stamped and tooled, gilt stamped presentation on the spine, inside front board gilt embossed with the emblem of the International League of Press Clubs, inside rear board has a color-printed and embossed cloth doublure inset. Front joint and corners are rubbed, the red moire silk over the front free endpaper is detached, else near fine.Signed presentation copy: "This volume is Number One and is especially made for Harriet Finck, in commemoration of her unanimous election as President of the Pennsylvania Women's Press Association, February, 1905." As reported in a newspaper clipping (laid-in), the volume was presented to her at a reception held in Philadelphia attended by "nearly 500 men and women, prominent in social, musical, literary and newspapers circles ... James S. McCartney [Treasurer, International League of Press Clubs] ... presented to Mrs. Finck a specially prepared and very richly bound copy of 'Bohemia.' The work ... is a unique and extraordinary collection of autographs and literary contributions from noted writers all over the world."Finck's extra illustrated copy contains over 50 autograph inscriptions (25 of which are inscribed original photographs) dating from 1904-1916. Most are personal inscriptions to Finck written by several of the country's leading women journalists and social reformers. These include two significant and moving inscriptions from Finck's close friend Belva Ann Lockwood, a renowned suffragist and lawyer (the first woman allowed to practice before the United States Supreme Court), and candidate for President in 1884 and 1888 on the ticket of the National Equal Rights Party. The first is from July 9, 1906, written in New York, and the second dates from November 1912, written in Philadelphia: "To my beloved friend ... Let each word written tell for good ..."; "But for the friendships of life the world would be a barren waste. These congenial associations ... inspire us to good deeds, to join heads, to strengthen our life work, that his interchange of life and thought may make the world happier and better ..."Finck, a distant relative of Harriet Beecher Stowe, began her career as a writer, lecturer, and advocate for the rehabilitation of delinquent children, and was a founder of the Alliance of Catholic Women, and the Catholic Working Girls' Home. In addition to her work for journalists as President of the Pennsylvania Women's Press Association, she was socially active in the arts community and was co-founder of the Charlotte Cushman Club, established in 1907 to provide inexpensive and safe lodgings for actresses appearing in Philadelphia theaters.The limited edition of Bohemia (endorsed by President Theodore Roosevelt) was published by the International League of Press Clubs to create a fund for the establishment of a retirement home for journalists. Among the many notable contributors are Mary Baker Eddy, Belva Lockwood, Julia Ward Howe, Frank Beard, Jacob A. Riis, John Philip Sousa, Thomas Moran, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, and Admiral Dewey.Also included in Finck's copy are several original mounted and laid-in photographs inscribed to Finck by many acclaimed opera singers and actors, including: baritones Maurice Renaud and Mario Sammarco, tenor Giovanni Zenatello and soprano Luisa Tetrazzini; along with the American singers Felice Lyne and Minnie Saltzman-Stevens. Among the actors is a large mounted photograph signed by the American actor Otis Skinner, and a halftone portrait plate singed by renowned Polish actress Helena Modjeska.Other highlights include the bold signatures of the baseball player and celebrated evangelist Billy Sunday and his equally famous wife Helen Thompson Sunday. In addition to her evangelical campaigns, she spoke regularly at women's meetings and civic organizations across the country in which she advocated for greater opportunities for women (while also warning the younger girls against the dangers of dancing and flirting). An original photograph of the couple is mounted elsewhere in the book. Among the many other notable persons paying tribute to Finck is philanthropist and anti-vivisection activist Caroline Earle White, author and illustrator Mary Hallock Foote, and journalist Dorothy Dix (pseudonym of Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer), America's most highly paid and widely read advice columnist.A beautifully bound, and historically important limited edition with several significant associations.A detailed list follows:Items laid-in:1. DIX, Dorothy. TLS. Quarto. 1p. [personal stationary]: Dorothy Dix: 2/9/29. Declining Finck's invitation to speak before the Soroptimist Club "... but it is utterly impossible for me to leave home just now. My work is very exhausting and exacting, and in addition I have a 92-year-old father whom I have to care for as if he were a baby ..."2. LYNE, Felice. (Opera singer). Photograph, Inscribed [and] Gravure Portrait, Signed.3. SALTZMAN-STEVENS, Minnie. (Opera singer). Photograph, Inscribed.4. Two Newspaper clippings. Re: Harriet Hayden Finck and Belva Ann Lockwood.Mounted photographs, Inscriptions, and Autographs:5. CLEMENT, Ruth. MS poem. A Christmas poem addressed to Finck (dated 1914), written on an embossed card mounted on a front fly leaf.6-7. BLANKENBURG, Lucretia L. (Suffragist and social reformer), and Rudolph (Reform Mayor of Philadelphia). Two mounted portrait photographs, inscribed on the page beneath each portrait.8. SMITH, Charles Emory. (Journalist, and U.S. Postmaster in the McKinley and Roosevelt administrations). Inscription.9. McClure, Alexander. (Editor-in-chief). Inscription.10. [Unidentified man]. (New York Press Club President). Inscription.11. KENNEDY, Bart. (English author). Inscription.12. RYAN, P.J. (Rev. Archbishop of Philadelphia). Inscription.13. [Unidentified woman]. (Opera singer?). Mounted photograph, inscribed underneath on the page (dated December 21, 1907).14. [Unidentified inscription] (Ernest Jarrell?).15. [Unidentified man]. Mounted photograph.16. MODJESKA, Helena. (Polish actress). Halftone portrait, Signed (dated 1904).17. HART, Daniel L. (Playwright and Mayor of Wilkes-Barre, PA). Halftone portrait, Inscribed.18. RICE, C. Frank. Halftone portrait, Inscribed.19. [Unidentified inscription and autograph].20. CABLE, Ada Tower. (Journalist, League of American Pen Women). Halftone portrait, Inscribed.21. THOMAS, J. Keenan. (President, International League of Press Clubs). Halftone portrait, Inscribed.22-23. SUNDAY, Billy, and Helen Amelia Thompson. Autographs (Both signatures are large, written on the blank verso of a plate facing p. 230) [and]: Mounted portrait photograph of the couple on p. 402.24. BUNN, William M. (Governor of Idaho). Halftone portrait, Autographed.25. [Unidentified woman]. (Opera singer?). Mounted photograph, inscribed underneath on mounted sheet of paper.26. [Unidentified woman]. (Opera singer, actress?). Mounted photograph, inscribed.27. CONSTANTINO, Florencio. (Opera singer). Mounted photograph, inscribed underneath on mounted sheet of paper. (dated: Philadelphia, 1909).28. [Unidentified woman]. (Julia--?). Mounted photograph, inscribed (dated 1912).29. ROWE, George H. (Brooklyn journalist). Gravure portrait, Inscribed.30. PEARSALL, Alfred E. (New York Press Club). Inscription.31-32. LOCKWOOD, Belva A. Halftone portrait, inscribed: on p. 246 above her contribution to the volume (dated: New York, July 9, 1906); [and] mounted photograph on the verso of the rear fly leaf, with a long inscription written underneath on the page (dated: Philadelphia, Nov. 25, 1912).33. MARKHAM, Edwin. (American poet). Inscription.34. Joaquim Arcoverde de Albuquerque Cardinal Cavalcanti. (Cardinal of Brazil). Mounted photograph, appears to be signed by him on the verso.35-36. RENAUD, Maurice. (Opera singer). Two mounted photographs, Signed. The first is a portrait photograph dated: Philadelphia, 1901; the second is a portrait of him as Don Giovanni, dated: New York, 1908.37. [Unidentified woman]. Mounted photograph, unsigned.38. SAMMARCO, Mario. Mounted photograph, Signed.39. EARLY, Lewis G. Halftone portrait, Inscribed.40. [Unidentified inscription].41. TETRAZZINI, Luisa. (Opera singer). Mounted photograph, signed and dated: Philadelphia, 1909.42. ZENATELLO, Giovanni. (Opera singer) Mounted photograph, signed and dated on a sheet mounted underneath.43. ARIMONDI, Vittorio. (Opera singer). Mounted photograph, signed and dated on a sheet mounted underneath.44-45. HALLOCK, Mary. (American author and illustrator). [Mary Hallock Foote? and unidentified woman]. Two mounted photographs, Signed.46. COWDON, Kate. Mounted photograph, Inscribed.47. WHITE, Caroline Earle. Mounted gravure portrait, Inscribed underneath on the page.48. [Unidentified man]. Mounted photograph, Signed.49. SKINNER, Otis. (American actor). Mounted photograph, Inscribed.40-51. McCARTNEY, James S. (Treasurer, International League of Press Clubs). Mounted photograph, inscribed underneath on the page, with an additional inscription on a separate page (facing pages 403 and 405).

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Bohemia. A Magazine of Literature and Art: Official Publication of the International League of Press Clubs for the Building and Endowment of the Journalists' Home. Harriet Hayden FINCK, Alexander K. McClure, Dorothy Dix, Caroline Earle White, Helen Thompson Sunday, Belva Ann Lockwood.