Gertrude Stein as a child decorates a dog for Christmas

[New York]: Albondocani Press and Ampersand Books, 1975.


First edition. Fine with original envelope and card stiffener. Greeting card with a Gorey drawing. One of an unknown number of copies with Ampersand listed as co-publisher (of a total edition of 400, the Ampersand issue is usually smaller). Used as a holiday greeting by the artist and publisher. Inscribed by the owner of Ampersand Books.

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Gertrude Stein as a child decorates a dog for Christmas. Edward GOREY.

Edward Gorey
birth name: Edward St. John Gorey
born: 2/22/1925
died: 4/15/2000

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Writer, illustrator, and designer, noted for his arch humor and gothic sensibility. Gorey drew a pen-and-ink world of beady-eyed, blank-faced individuals whose dignified Edwardian demeanor is undercut by silly and often macabre events. His nonsense rhymes recalled those of Edward Lear, and his mock-Victorian prose delighted readers with its ludicrous fustiness. Gorey's work evoked the cozy sensibilities of childhood reading while subverting that feeling with its often grisly humor. - Merriam-Webster's Encyclopedia of Literaturemore

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