Sax Rohmer

The Day the World Ended

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bio notes:
born: 2/15/1883
died: 6/1/1959
born as: Arthur Henry Sarsfield Ward

Internationally popular British writer who created the sinister Chinese criminal genius Fu Manchu. Rohmer was interested from childhood in ancient Egypty, the Middle East, and the occult. After working briefly in the financial district of London and as a journalist there, his growing interest in the Far East led him into fiction writing. He published Dr. Fu Manchu, the first of the series, in 1913. The inscrutable and aristocratic Fu immediately caught the public's fancy, and Rohmer wrote several more novels over the next 45 years, gradually transforming him from an entirely self-serving villain into a dedicated anti-communist. The character also appeared in motion pictures, radio, and television. - Merriam-Webster's Encyclopedia of Literature

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