Balduin Groller

Detective Dagobert's Deeds and Adventures

originally published:



  • Queen's Quorum(1910)

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bio notes:
born: 9/5/1848
died: 3/22/1916
born as: Adalbert Goldscheider

Hungarian-born writer and journalist who settled in Vienna and became its most popular feature writer. In 1890 he began writing crime fiction, and decided, seeing the popularity of Sherlock Holmes in Vienna, to create a Viennese version of The Great Detective. He came up with Dagobert Trostler, who first appeared in eighteen stories, collected together in 1909 in six volumes entitled Detektiv Dagoberts Taten und Abenteuer [Detective Dagobert's Deeds and Adventures]. In 1914 he published four novellas in Neue Detektivgeschichten [New Detective Stories]. Detektiv Dagobert auf dem Kriegspfad [Detective Dagobert on the Warpath] was written in 1915 but never published.