Thomas Williams

The Hair of Harold Roux

originally published:

June 1974

We offered this advance review copy of the first edition in our Catalog 75.


  • National Book Award for Fiction(1975)

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bio notes:
born: 11/15/1926
died: 10/23/1990
born as: Thomas Alonzo Williams

Williams won the National Book Award in 1975 for his novel The Hair of Harold Roux. A professor of English at the University of New Hampshire for more than thirty years, Williams published his first novel, Ceremony of Love, in 1955. He went on to write several critically acclaimed works, including Town Burning, which was also nominated for the National Book Award and The Moon Pinnace, which was considered for the National Book Critics Circle Award. In addition, Williams authored the short story collection A High New House. His works have also appeared in magazines and in anthologies, including 1959 editions of O. Henry Prize Short Stories and Best American Short Stories. - from Contemporary Authors Online