Raymond Carver

Near Klamath

originally published:
Sacramento CA : English Club of Sacramento State College

We offered this signed copy of the first edition in our Catalog 103.


  • First Book(1968)

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bio notes:
born: 5/25/1938
died: 8/2/1988
born as: Raymond Carver

American short-story writer noted for his spare, unadorned tales about the wrenching lives of working-class people. - Merriam-Webster's Encyclopedia of Literature

Collecting tips:

Carver's two most expensive books are his rare first book Near Klamath (1968), a pamphlet collection of poems published by the English Club of the college where he was then teaching, Sacramento State College; and his first commercially published book, a collection of short stories Will You Please Be Quiet, Please (1976), which is difficult to find in fine condition.

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