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Information about BTC, our history, policies — all your questions answered.

We hope you enjoy BROWSING our website. We designed it with browsing in mind, because collecting books by pecking ad nauseum with a search engine seems to us a fairly boring way to pursue what should be fun. For a little explanation of why this site is constructed in this manner, click here. The best way to use and enjoy this website is to think of it more like a real bookstore than your typical book website.

Some pages most visitors find HELPFUL include our Advanced Search Page, which can help you find specific titles or author, and our Site Map, which offers an organized overview of the many features of the website.

This site is composed of many complicated visual and programming elements, but it was designed to work for most visitors. If you experience problems viewing or using our site, please let us know. We'll try to track down the problem as our time, budget, and inclination allows.

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