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Views, anecdotes and insights into the world of antiquarian books.

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Illustrated Glossary

What book dealers really mean. Click on thumbnails for larger images.

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A single side of a bound sheet of paper. Not to be confused with a leaf, which is the sheet of paper itself and has two sides. For example, the fifth leaf in a book may be pp. 7-8.


The way we refer to either the front or back part (as opposed to the spine or flaps) of the dustjacket, as in "there is a chip the size of your head on the front panel."

Paperback original

A paperback, either mass market or otherwise, that is the real genuine first edition of a particular title. Many notable first editions of 1950s genre fiction were paperback originals, such as Jim Thompson's The Killer Inside Me, this copy offered in our Catalog 117.


Abbreviation for Printing and the Mind of Man, a book published in 1967 that was based on an exhibition in 1963 of important books that helped change some aspect of the world and scholarship. This book has served as a convenient checklist to collecting for those with big ideas, and if you want the first editions, big bank accounts as well.

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