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Book collectors who also love movies often find filmscripts and screenplays interesting additions to their collections. Unlike commercial books (and the scripts for some famous films are, after the fact, published commercially), original scripts are not printed in large numbers for a wide variety of readers. Instead, they are produced quickly and in small numbers just for those involved in a film production. They also tend to be fragile. Most scripts are bound with brass brads or some other binding which permits easy disassembly -- this allows the filmmakers to make quick changes to the script and add, remove, or replace single pages without issuing a new script to the entire cast and crew. Because making a film is usually a long process with many revisions, many films will have different versions of the script at different times, from the original treatment which is read by potential filmmakers, to the original and revised shooting script, to final continuity scripts used by studio departments for post-production work. Because of this filmscripts appeal to collectors in different ways. For some they are an artifact which recalls the experience of watching a classic movie. For others, they show the inner workings of the filmmaking process and the decisions which went into the making of the movie. Regardless of why they appeal to you as a collector, filmscripts can be pleasant addendums to your book collection, or the starting point for a comprehensive collection of film material.


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