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Searches are not case sensitive (Author=macdonald and Author=MacDonald yield the same results).


You can also perform a wildcard search by typing at least part of the name or word (for example, Author=con will yield books by Conrad Aiken, Richard Condon, Joseph Conrad, Pat Conroy, and other authors fitting the criteria). Wildcards do not apply when searching for BTC Product IDs.

Signed & Inscribed

The Signed checkbox limits the search using a very strict definition of signed: books that contain holograph material (handwriting in the form of a signature, inscription, notations, etc.) by the author of that work on the book itself (signed books include inscribed books.) Please note that we sometimes have books with accompanying material signed by the author, such as a tipped-in letter or card. We also sometimes have books signed by notable personages (or other authors) but not by the author of that particular book. These latter two categories generally do not appear if the Signed box is checked. Using the keyword "signed" or "inscribed" but not selecting the Signed box during a search may yield interesting and collectible material that is not signed by the author in the book.

Date Range

Specifics on using the Date Range box coming soon!

Match Any/Match All

Searches default to match all, so for example searching Author=Faulkner and Publisher=Random House would find only those books by the author put out by that publishing house. Setting the same search to Any of the search terms would find all books by Faulkner (regardless of who published them) AND all books published by Random House (regardless of who wrote them).

Reference Library

Our website contains an extensive author reference database. If your search for books finds a unique author match in our reference library, in addition to a listing of all available matching books you will also find additional links to information about one specific author.

Exceptional Copies

Collectors place a premium on copies in pristine condition or signed copies with particularly notable associations.