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Between the Covers

Admiral Muffin's Book Bargains

Sales, markdowns, bargains, clearance — call it what you like, these prices are LOW!

I, Admiral Muffin, would like to welcome you to share in the vast hoard of plunder I amassed in my career as a seagoing, fighting admiral. The owners of Between the Covers (a motley crew who so rudely insist on calling our poop deck the litter box) seem to think that they run this ship, but in reality, I, and my feline First Mate, Commodore Pumpkin, have slowly insinuated ourselves here into a commanding position through various tactics running the gamut from cuteness to passive aggressive behavior. How can we afford to sell these books so cheaply? Perhaps it's because Commodore Pumpkin wasn't always so scrupulous about remunerating her cohorts when we captured a prize on the high seas, preferring to consign her creditors to the briny deep. Or perhaps we have sources for rare books that shall go here unmentioned. (What's that? You think you've seen these books in a Between the Covers catalog at some point for much more money? Absurd! Or, rather, I won't tell if you don't tell). If I were a perspicacious book collector, I think I'd buy as many of these books as I could afford as quickly as possible before Tom finds out what we're up to, er, I mean before they're all gone. Until we can make other arrangements payment can be made to the two-legs at Between the Covers (but don't worry, we have plans to change all that).

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The Cat-acombs

The cat-egory is, of course, 'cats'...