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How do your rotating books work? Why do they look different from your other picture of the same book?
Our book rotations are photos of the actual books in our inventory, composited by computer using an image-management system designed specifically for this purpose. In order to make the rotations usable we have to compress the picture information more than we do for our normal book images. For this reason the rotations are not as crisp, and sometimes the colors are not as accurate. In addition, books are usually not entirely square - they tend to have rounded or cocked spines and often concave foredges. On our rotations these non-book areas show as black.

When I tried to look at the rotating book one or more sides were missing and it was really freaky - what's going on?
Every once in a while the display will start before your screen has loaded all sides of the book. Clicking your web browser's REFRESH button will probably fix it. Or you can enjoy viewing the book as if it were hollow.

Can you make a rotation for one of your books that doesn't currently have it?
Unfortunately at this time we do not have the resources to prepare a rotation display for every book in our inventory, or even every request. If you have specific condition questions about a particular item naturally we will answer them to the best of our ability.